fahottiethetrapprincess asked: Can you please find or make a gif of Shannon getting the water splashed in her face for not having any loyalty

the gif is not mine tough, credit to BGCLUB.TUMBLR.COM

Anonymous asked: omg I feel you! it's cool boo 💕😚 good luck in college. you'll do great!

thank you so much boo!!<333333 thanks for the support

bgceverything asked: Hunny make more gifs plz

wish i could but im not really inspired lol… i suck at having a blog 

Anonymous asked: omg a lot of ppl ask you questions -.- like don't even say please tf ouuta here.. you should deleted all the questions and start fresh w a new page like decorate cute and bad 💅😈 oh and i don't mean a new page. lol you feel me? like keep this page but just make it sexy haha im so lame 💘

I like helping people so it’s okay i people ask questions haha:) and yeah i know i kinda have this blog left out… but i’m starting college next month and i won’t be able to make gifs and stuff so there’s no point on decorating the page tbh :( sorry

timmtequilaa asked: Where can I see all the episodes for this season?