bgceverything asked: Sorry I forgot you in my favorite bloggers but you're definitely one of the best too. Your gifs are on point <3

lol you didn’t forget me, i’m on the list actually.. haha<3


Dis is sum scurry shit

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Anonymous asked: It wasn't a sneak because Sarah was running right at her and she was running slow as fuck so Alicia saw her coming. It would have only been a sneak if she was sitting next to Alicia and then just jumped on her like Benze did to Shanae at the reunion or Tiana to Janelle at the reunion. Sarah did not get her ass beat because she didn't have any serious damage like a black eye or busted lip but she did lose the fight

It was a sneak attack because Alicia was sitting down! You’re saying that if you see someone coming at you while you’re sitting down, that’s not a sneak attack… oh, okay, then Shannon didn’t sneak attack Valentina i guess, or Jenniffer didn’t sneak attack Shannon, or Camilla didn’t sneak attack Elease at S8 reunion… lmao.

Anonymous asked: There's a difference between getting your ass beat and losing a fight. Sarah didn't get her ass beat either times but she did lose the fight but neither was really a fight because the girls she fought had an unfair advantage like standing on a couch and kicking her away

I can understand why she lost to Gigi. The bitch was standing on a couch and it was unfair. But i can’t understand why she lost to Alicia. It doesn’t matter if she had an unfair advantage because Sarah sneak attacked her, so Alicia kinda had a disadvantage too.

She did got her ass beat. She got kicked in the stomach twice and was all over the floor trying to reach Alicia. She also got punched multiple times by Gigi. If it was Sarah who kicked Alicia y’all would be like “oh, Sarah whooped Alicia’s ass” -__- 

don’t be desilusional, I LOVE Sarah, but she got her ass beat by Gigi and Alicia (twice). 

Anonymous asked: I never expected Sarah to be the one to hit someone off guard

Same here, I was really surprised. I think she should stop fighting at reunions because she always gets her ass beat lol i love her though<33

farrahpahree asked: do you have a gif when ray j got pissed on the first season of Bad Girls Club All Star Battle and said WTF ?